Nikita Korepanov

Feb 7, 2021

2 min read

Qualities of a Good Diplomat. My opinion.

Dear reader,

I think that many of you, who read this article has tried or wants to try on the role of a diplomat. So I will set out the qualities of a good, in my opinion, diplomat in a form in which each person can compare the qualities I gave with his own.

A good diplomat must be persistent and not give up in pursuing his goals. If you, despite a quarrel with your friends, relatives, colleagues, fellow students, are trying to come to an agreement, resolve the conflict, find a compromise, until you get the desired result, then you undoubtedly have this quality.

A good diplomat must be patient. If you always fully listen to your opponent, speak your arguments carefully thinking them over, first understand the situation, and only then make a decision, then you are definitely a patient person.

Ability to take risks. As one of the experts pointed out in the video, although this was surprising to me, it is important for a diplomat to be able to take risks. If you, even if others think that the situation is hopeless, or no adequate methods can help solve it, and you still decide to apply some non-standard approaches based on your determination and experience, then you definitely know how to take risks.

Impartiality and ethics. I believe that these are one of the most important qualities of a good diplomat, because even if you do not share the position of your government / people on any issue, you must impartially convey this position to other states or partners. If you are ready to put other people’s interests embroidered for your own good, then these qualities are about you.

Resourcefulness and creativity. If you are constantly looking for new approaches to solving problems, if you always come up with something new and try it, then these qualities are about you.

P.S. The arguments I have made about qualities are subjective. Please be impartial if my arguments do not correlate with yours. Thanks.